Marketing Catch-Up Plan

Marketing Catch-Up Plan

Revitalize your web, social media, and online marketing efforts for and beyond.
What Does The Marketing Catch-Up Plan Provide
A four-step offering, we start by analysing your current digital marketing efforts: your main company web site and your profiles on the most popular social media sites. Using our knowledge of industry best practices for product marketing as well as online marketing, we will provide recommendations that are designed to maximise the effectiveness of your online communications channels.

We then leverage those recommendations to address gaps in your web and social media presences.

With an updated web site and social media accounts in place, we establish a new baseline to better measure the impact of your digital marketing activities going forward.

Following that, we propose and execute an ongoing marketing and communications plan covering the web and social media; content marketing; outreach activities such as advertising, industry events and webinars; the production of press releases, sales tools, and other marketing collateral; and finally, customer satisfaction surveys and industry recognition.

1) Analyse current digital marketing efforts
Digitera will undertake an in-depth audit and analysis of your current online presence, including web site and social media efforts. Optionally, we will review your web and social media analytics and interview current customers or members of your target market to determine the effectiveness of your messaging.

Web site factors
Information architecture
Mobile accessibility
Support for smartphones and tablets
Search engine optimisation
Social media accounts
Profile completeness
Ongoing activity
Review of core web analytics (requires account access)
Review of social media analytics (requires account access)
Competitive benchmarking
Interviews with existing customers and members of the target market
Search engine ranking analysis
Content marketing review (blog, white papers, etc.)
2) Fill in the blanks
What is the business model?
How do we make money?
One-time or recurring revenues?
Do any maintenance fees apply?
How much should we charge?
For the core product vs. ancillary services
Who are our competitors?
Direct competitors vs. partial competitors vs. status quo
How should the product or solution evolve over time?
What is the process for capturing, validating and prioritising market requirements?
3) Set a new baseline
Develop and populate a Digital Marketing and Measurement Model and associated scorecard
Record metrics from the web site, social media accounts, and online advertising
Implement new tracking mechanisms
Funnels, goals, and conversions
Implement new marketing scorecard integrating online and offline performance metrics
4) Build and improve from there
Execute on a digital marketing plan covering activities such as :

Web site updates
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Social media posting, management and reporting
Content marketing
Press releases / public relations
Analytics configuration and reporting
Online advertising campaign reporting, analysis, and management
Marketing collateral
Sales tools
Customer satisfaction surveys (Net Promoter Score and others)
Industry recognition
Market research

What do you get?
Step 1 provides :

Written report
Recommendations for improvements in digital marketing efforts and a proposed remediation plan
Annotated screenshots of relevant issues
Source materials
Review of results (discussion)
Up to 4 hours in length; in-person or via video conference
Step 2 provides :

Updated web site and social media accounts
Step 3 provides :

Customized Digital Marketing and Measurement Model
New tracking mechanisms
Marketing scorecard integrating online and offline performance metrics
Step 4 provides :

Written marketing communications plan with activities, deliverables, and due dates
Calendar of activities

How long does it take?
Step 1, analysing your present web and social media efforts, can be performed in as little as 2 days
Step 2 is a function of the recommendations made in the previous step and whether they will all be addressed at once or phased in over time
Step 3 depends on the roll out of changes in Step 2 and the complexity of the online interactions to be tracked and reported
Step 4 is an ongoing commitment. We can manage the effort entirely on a fixed schedule / fee basis, provide punctual efforts, or train and monitor your personnel
How much does it cost?
Step 1 starts at $1000 for the core items, with additional fees for optional items. However, a portion of those costs may be credited to follow-on work.

The costs of Steps 2, 3, and 4 depend in large part on the recommendations from Step 1 and the ultimate course of action, scope of work, and timeframes determined jointly with the customer.

Working with Digitera
Digitera offers a variety of contractual arrangements that recognise the time and resource constraints of its customers. These contractual arrangements range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring fixed schedule and/or ongoing retainer-based consulting engagements.

Digitera has also developed a project methodology—focused on desired outcomes—that is designed to minimise the oversight requirements of its customers, freeing them to focus on their own day-to-day business challenges.

Contact us to start a discussion about your business needs and how Digitera can craft a solution for you.