Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Product marketing activities are tactical in nature, taking advantage of market opportunities right now.

Questions That Product Marketing Answers

Product marketing activities are more tactical in nature. With the big picture questions answered by a product management consulting engagement, and making sure to leverage the longer lasting themes it provides, we turn our attention to marketing the product or solution to the target market(s).

Specific questions answered by a Digitera product marketing consulting engagement are :

How, when, and where will the product or solution be introduced?
What is the plan for getting and signing customers?
Where will we find and target prospective customers?
How do we get in front of prospective customers in the first place?
What are the key messages?
What are the messages that won’t change over time, such as the intrinsic product qualities?
What are the messages required for specific promotional activities?
Which tools are required to support the buying cycle?
Electronic and print documentation, demos, etc.?
Which tools are required for which buyer personas?
What are the calls-to-action at the different stages of the buying cycle?
What activities are required to support sales objectives?
What tools and support do we provide to channel partners?
How are customers retained?
How is success be measured and evaluated?

Digitera leverages the Pragmatic Marketing Framework as a starting point for designing marketing tactics and producing content.
Product marketing deliverables
Marketing collateral & sales tools

Data sheets
1-2 page document featuring marketing language (such as value proposition, features and benefits) and applicable technical specifications
2-6 page document with long form text and imagery
White / technical papers
4-12 page document describing a market pain, the status quo, alternatives, and the recommended solution
Content marketing
Keyword-focused blog articles or guest author articles

Native content / native advertising
Sponsored articles for inclusion on web sites or in print media
Web sites
Information architecture and navigation
Web page content
User experience
Graphic design (via partners)
Calls to action
Marketing plans

Strategic imperatives vs. tactical activities
Calendar of activities
Working with Digitera
Digitera offers a variety of contractual arrangements that recognise the time and resource constraints of its customers. These contractual arrangements range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring fixed schedule and/or ongoing retainer-based consulting engagements.

Digitera has also developed a project methodology—focused on desired outcomes—that is designed to minimise the oversight requirements of its customers, freeing them to focus on their own day-to-day business challenges.

Contact us to start a discussion about your business needs and how Digitera can craft a solution for you.