Why choose Digitera

Why Choose Digitera
Unique blend, exceptional value
The value of Digitera is in the unique blend of experience, training, perspective and approach it brings to the consulting services and coaching solutions it provides to each client.


Unique blend of business and technology expertise
Broad experience across industries, market dynamics, geographies, and customer types as employee, vendor & partner
Able to traverse different cultures (national and organisational) and languages with ease
Able to communicate with (and translate between) engineers / operations, other functional colleagues, and business customers / consumers

Training in the leading product management and product marketing methodology
Pragmatic Marketing
Training in the leading product development methodology
Scrum Alliance (agile)
Graduate business education in marketing, strategy, and finance

Big-picture understanding
Sensitive to design, workflows, user experience, and user objectives
See things from the user / consumer point of view
Cross-pollinate ideas and tie disparate elements together in a way that provides insight / value
Articulate ideas / concepts in ways that have meaning to different stakeholders
Better inputs, better outputs.
While there are many digital marketing firms, the reality is that many of them rely on their clients to produce the core thinking about the nature and value of the solutions that are proposed, the target market, the user and buyer personas involved, etc. Marketing firms then take these inputs and use them everywhere (web site, social media, collateral, etc.). But what if this core thinking or the way it was articulated was actually wrong from the start ?

Digitera provides unique value to its clients by bringing understanding and experience with the crafting of better inputs. Our product management training and 20 years of experience mean that we look to provide better thinking about the critical questions that determine the nature and scope of customer efforts down the line.

We instinctively evaluate the inputs we receive from our clients and their customers, and we seek to improve on them. Where there are none at all—often the case with companies that started with an idea but have little to no documented thinking regarding the target market, the typical customer, the market pain being solved, etc.—we work with our clients to develop such thinking.

To put it succinctly, better inputs provide better outputs. Digitera provides better inputs and therefore better outputs.

Working with Digitera
Digitera offers a variety of contractual arrangements that recognise the time and resource constraints of its customers. These contractual arrangements range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring fixed schedule and/or ongoing retainer-based consulting engagements.

Digitera has also developed a project methodology—focused on desired outcomes—that is designed to minimise the oversight requirements of its customers, freeing them to focus on their own day-to-day business challenges.

Contact us to start a discussion about your business needs and how Digitera can craft a solution for you.