Digitera leverages industry-leading business frameworks and software tools to deliver on our strategic marketing and management mandates:

Pragmatic Marketing
Digitera leverages the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, a powerful approach to identifying market needs and translating them into actions that provide immediate results. We have implemented the framework numerous times and, based on timeframes or other constraints, can tailor a subset of the framework or implement it in phases to meet your specific requirements.

Digital Marketing and Measurement Model
Author and Google Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik is a recognised leader in web analytics. His Digital Marketing and Measurement Model is a simple 5-step process designed to take much of the risk out of digital marketing campaigns.

The Lean Startup
Digitera applies the principles underlying The Lean Startup methodology with regards to product development and strategic planning.

The Design Sprint
Developed by Google Ventures (now GV), the Design Sprint is is an intensive, collaborative process for answering critical business questions. At the end of 5 days, you have clarity, a design, prototypes, and customer validation.

Open Innovation Toolkit
Developed and coordinated by Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox web browser, the Open Innovation Toolkit is “a community sourced set of practices and principles for incorporating human-centered design into your product development process.”

Service Design Tools
The Service Design Tools website is a repository for communication tools used in the design of complex systems.

Software tools
Google Analytics
The use of real-time measurement platforms such as Google Analytics enables the precise measurement of steps along the way to achieving desired outcomes and adapting those steps to improve outcomes. Recent iterations of the Google Analytics platform have added the ability to track offline interactions, extending the value beyond interactions that occur in the online world.

WordPress is the most popular platform for content management and blogging and is easily customised to meet any business need. It is widely supported for its design and technical capabilities and is used to power this web site. Digitera has experience with a number of themes and plug-ins designed to provide capabilities such as responsive web design, multiple language support, performance, security and many others.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud comprises graphic design applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat among others. Digitera’s ability to to use these applications to edit legacy files or to work with a customer’s in-house or partner designers to review proposed designs means less back and forth, less errors and faster time to market.

Other tools
We are proficient with tools such as Balsamiq Mockups for prototyping user experience, Trello for online project management, and Slack for online collaboration.

Working with Digitera
Digitera offers a variety of contractual arrangements that recognise the time and resource constraints of its customers. These contractual arrangements range from short-term, one-off projects to recurring fixed schedule and/or ongoing retainer-based consulting engagements.

Digitera has also developed a project methodology—focused on desired outcomes—that is designed to minimise the oversight requirements of its customers, freeing them to focus on their own day-to-day business challenges.

Contact us to start a discussion about your business needs and how Digitera can craft a solution for you.